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The Motion Method

Motion exists to promote healthy ageing and empower older adults to live a healthier and happier life. This is done by designing and delivering data-driven, tailored exercise programmes that create deep and meaningful interactions within the Motion Community and improve physical and mental wellbeing. The programme focuses primarily on two of the five pillars of a healthy lifestyle: movement and connecting with others. Throughout the programme Motion offers advice and free additional resources relating to the three remaining pillars: nutrition, sleep and relaxation.
  • All Motion programmes are designed to improve general physical and psychological abilities (including strength, coordination, mobility, mood and motivation). 
  •  The programme design is informed by a detailed individual assessment of the Motioner’s (Motion participant) general physical and psychological abilities, sporting background and personal objectives. 
  •  Each programme is built primarily around improving The Motioner’s ability to perform functional movements, which are natural, everyday movement patterns that are essential for independent living. 
  •  Importantly, each individual session is designed to be fun and engaging, incorporating time for catching-up, game-based activities and lots of interactive equipment; to ensure that the Motioner’s enjoy and, as a result, adhere to the programme.  
Our programmes are delivered by trained and experienced Motion Motivators (instructors) who meet the Motioners where they are at now, ensuring that they can participate in the sessions. The individual sessions make up a programme that is split up into 6-8 week blocks, focusing on different functional movements and goals. Each session is delivered by the same Motion Motivator, ensuring that a deep and meaningful connection is developed between the Motioners and their Motivator over a long period of time. By regularly assessing the progress and abilities of Motioners, we are able to continue to measure the progress being made against the initial assessment(s) and objectives; as well as using this to inform the design of further programmes and advice. Ultimately, ensuring that the improved health and wellbeing of each individual Motioner remains at the heart of everything Motion does.