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  • Motion tackles the rising social issue of sedentary living and social isolation experienced by over 70% of older adults in the UK
  • Research has linked loneliness to higher risk of physical and mental conditions. Motion provides a consistent friendly face to build rapport during sessions


  • Chair-based exercises, tailored to suit individual needs. Our Motivators (Motion instructors) adapt movements to make them easier or harder depending on an individual's ability
  • Our programmes are underpinned by evidence-based exercise science ensuring that it is safe and beneficial to all those that take part
  • We use a range of equipment such as woggles, balloons and parachutes to make sure the activities we do are fun and interactive
  • Our sessions are 1-hour long, they include a warm up, a strength based exercise, a group activity (such as balloon or parachute games), a mobility focussed exercise and stretches


  • Sessions are delivered by one of our trained, enthusiastic Motivators (Motion instructor)
  • We use a buddy system so that each of our Motivators are paired with a care home meaning that the instructor is consistent and the staff and care home residents are able to build meaningful connections with the Motivator


  • Motion provides Facebook Portal devices that can easily be connected to your in house TV to livestream the sessions. These devices have a smart camera, this means that they keep everyone in the frame so that you can see us and we can see you. Don’t worry, we offer support with setting the device up


  • We suggest that a minimum of one livestream session per week alongside self-led follow up sessions are vital to healthy ageing


Our subscription service

  • Integrity is one of Motions core values, therefore, we put the people we work with at the centre of everything we do. Therefore, we wish to be as inclusive as possible, offering affordable services to our Care Homes. For this reason, we implement a subscription service, where care homes pay on a monthly basis, spreading out the costs over an extended period of time
  • This also means that we will always do our best to facilitate the programme to any care home that is interested in subscribing to our Care Home Programme
  • Please click here to contact us if you would like one of our team to call you and arrange a free trial

What’s included?

  • Facebook portal device
  • Woggles (pool noodles)
  • Balloons
  • Pom Poms
  • Resistance bands
  • Trophy (for our Motioners of the week)
  • Motivator (trained instructor)


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