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Zeyana swinging joyfully from gym bar.

Motivators Training Day at CrossFit Kelham Gym!

By Nelson Walker

Motion is indeed going through the motions now and on the 23rd October a whole host of Motion members came together at CrossFit Kelham gym for a fun day of activities and Motivator training.

The project leaders Zeezy and Ella were joined by many of the Motion members you got to know in our last blog post. Yi, Zeyana, Yanlin and Neenu all came out to support the team and assist Motion’s three new Motivators Lucas, Scott and Kirsty in their Motivator training.

The Motion team all assembled at the gym, with some Motion members making the way to Kelham on foot or via public transport.

The day began with an exciting team-building activity, the Motion members split into two groups with the objective to build the tallest structure made out of marshmallows and spaghetti. Team 2 triumphed at the end, their spaghetti marshmallow creation narrowly beating Team’s 1’s structure with a final score of 34cm to 33cm.

Photo of Ella, Yanlin and Scott practising exercises.

Yanlin, a Content Creation Manager at Motion, seen in the middle of the photo above, who busily snapped shots and recorded footage of the day’s activities, said of the day: “The training day showed me how to deliver Motion exercises as Motion motivators. What impressed me most was the team build-up exercise, which helped me to know the team members better; and the Motivator instruction activities also gave me an opportunity to feel ‘the Motion vibe’.

“I learned how to conduct an exercise to the activity and all the exercises were new to me. I learned what kind of footage we need when we go to the care homes activities and also learned how I can participate in delivering the Motion exercise.”

Photo of Ella leading the group through one of the chair exercise routines.

The day proceeded with Zeezy and Ella instructing and guiding the Motion team through a range of chair exercise routines before Lucas, Scott and Kirsty all got in on the action to deliver engaging and positive exercise routines, encouraging everyone the whole way.

Everyone was able to take part, whatever their level of fitness, some Motion members lifting pom poms and others raising dumbbells. This was a valuable experience for the new Motion members to understand why accessibility is so important and will gear the team up well for when the Motivators begin delivering Motion programmes to care homes virtually. 

The training comprised a mix of in-person workshops, interactive training and an online test, and was a brilliant opportunity for the Motion team to work through some of the movements and exercises typically used in a Motion session and to get to know each other even better.

It was a great hands-on experience for everyone involved and helped build the team’s understanding of fundamental movements patterns. These build strength so Motioners can complete the vital day-to-day tasks in their lives, mobility and coordination. The Motion team quickly understood how these are at the heart of Motion’s philosophy of healthy ageing.

Zeyana, another Content Creation Manager at Motion, seen joyfully swinging from the gym bar in the featured photo, said: “We gained a better understanding of what Motion does and why it takes the path that it does.

“Through experiencing a live programme and learning to teach one as well, we were able to actively engage with what we offer and were all able to work together to improve where necessary. Most of the exercises were new to me, so that was a huge take away.”  

Photo of Zeezy instructing the Motion members at CrossFit Kelham gym.

Zeezy said of the day’s activities: “It has been a fantastic day of training and socialising, and having a bunch of fun while also having that important aspect of development and experience that is going to allow our new Motivators to take that into delivering more Motion programmes to care homes across the country.”

Ella added: “I really enjoyed it. It was great to get to meet everyone in-person and see how much everyone enjoyed themselves. The team-building activity at the beginning really broke the ice and the training was very well put together by our team.

“Each step of the way we were able to provide each other with constructive feedback and then at the end we all worked together to deliver a ‘mock’ session. It was a really friendly environment where even our team of volunteers had a go at performing exercises and learning how to be a good instructor. Having it at CrossFit Kelham was a lot of fun too – I think Kirsty’s son particularly enjoyed himself!”

The day was an immense success and now sets the team up perfectly to spring into its next adventures and take what was learnt on the day into the care homes, and you will be coming right along with us!

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